Evaluating the WAM!PLAN

Ed Driscoll, CEO of WAM!NET, talks about 4-Sight’s better-than-anticipated integration (despite some amusing cultural glitches), what the file transfer giant’s plans are for digital asset archiving, why he can’t wait to take on healthy competition and how come the Internet is so darn neato!!!


It takes energy to talk to a man like Ed Driscoll: He’s funny, he’s hyper, he’s quick to talk about almost anything, he gets off the track with a joke or two, he even tries to trick you (if you allow him), and this is all in good fun. Despite his every inclination, Driscoll can become very serious if the topic takes him there.

The direction of WAM!NET is one such serious topic.

In the past six months, the company has swallowed 4-Sight’s ISDN power and the Internet talents of FreeMail—virtually simultaneously. In doing so, WAM!NET launched itself into the global market, maximizing on British-born 4-Sight’s prime directive, iSDN Manager.

WAM!NET’s absorption of 4-Sight was logical, though perhaps surprising. The two were slugging it out for some time in the U.S. market until both fronts realized each could move faster and further by working together. Merging WAM!NET’s managed network philosophy with 4-Sight’s dial-up ISDN solution made sense.

Why FreeMail? WAM!NET plans to integrate technologies created by FreeMail, chiefly electronic job ticketing, into its Industry Smart network services and applications.

With flexible job ticketing—which includes FreeMail IFO (Intelligent Form Objects) technology—WAM!NET customers will be able to create their own customized data delivery and back-end processing systems for all of their digital shipping and receiving needs.

Recently, WAM!NET announced the WAM!BASE MasterMind channel program, a key component in the company’s strategy to become not only a (make that the) leader in digital file transfer services, but also a solution for asset archiving.

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