Old Friends, Days Treasured —Cagle

Temp’s Litho has all the trimmings of a mom-and-pop operation. Lis has been taking jobs there for more than 20 years, knows the employees by name, and has been to Temp’s on days when it was supposed to be closed. The self-serve photocopier there also features self-serve payment, with a slotted coin and bill box nearby.

“Below the slot it says, ‘If you need change, remove the lid and make your own,’ ” Lis relates. That says something about the people that run Temp’s, as well as the people who do business there.

Sadly, it seems this personal print shop is going away, taking with it another remnant of a time that is starting to seem long past. Heartbroken at the thought of losing a place that has meant so much to her over the years, Lis brought in a plate of cookies to the guy working the counter.

“This is because…because…because…,” she wrote, recounting her conversation with the counter man, “I’m sad.”

Lis Trouten’s letter is just a reminder that relationships still mean a lot in our business, regardless of whether the job is her 400-quantity run with an accordion fold or a two million hardcover run for a major publisher. If your facility went away, would someone light a candle or drop off a plate of Nutter Butters? Lis’ cookies were homemade—a nice personal touch—but, as packaged goodies go, Nutter Butters are without peer. As you embark on a successful 2007, strive to be Nutter worthy.

DO YOU COPY?: Let us kick off the new year by saluting the efforts of America’s little people in battling the oppressive stupidity, greed and gross indifference of county government. I was struck by a recent article in a small weekly newspaper, The Central Record, of Medford, NJ. It weaved the tale of Joseph Dugan, a contractor who got fed up with paying 50 cents or $1 per single photocopy at two county clerk’s offices in South Jersey.

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