EPA Cites Fetter Group for Energy Savings, Greenhouse Gas Reductions

LOUISVILLE, KY—03/22/10—The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named FetterGroup a 2010 Energy Star Partner of the Year for outstanding energy management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. FetterGroup was recognized for their achievements at an awards ceremony March 18 in Washington, DC.

FetterGroup gets more than trophies and plaques from its energy and emission policies. The firm reinvests the substantial monetary savings from their energy policy back into their growing business.

“Savings from energy and emissions management generate money for investments in new technology, stronger infrastructure, and more jobs, at a time when most companies are making sharp cuts in these areas,” said Terry Gill, FetterGroup’s President and CEO.

“Our energy and emissions savings have helped us ease economic uncertainty over the last two years,” Gill said.

FetterGroup cut energy use by 33.76% in 2009, resulting in an 11.78% reduction in green house gas emissions.

The firm projects cumulative savings of 4,776,940 pounds of CO2 by 2012, the equivalent of removing 414 passenger cars from domestic roads for an entire year.

As part of its commitment to corporate citizenship, FetterGroup regularly shares its growing knowledge of energy and emissions systems with peers, competitors, and the community.

FetterGroup – Louisville, KY – is a holding company that operates two distinct divisions.

FetterLabelel, one of the nation’s largest label providers to the paint and coatings industry, also serves the spirits and specialty consumer products industries with innovative label and packaging production and distribution.

FetterCMD helps healthcare organizations create, manage, and distribute a wide variety of customized sales, marketing, and communications resources and innovations, regionally and across the country.

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