Energizer and InnerWorkings Announce Retail Management Agreement

CHICAGO—March 11, 2014—InnerWorkings Inc., a leading global marketing supply chain company, announced that it signed a new retail management agreement with Energizer, a global leader in the manufacturing of batteries and portable lights.

Under this agreement, InnerWorkings will collaborate with the U.S. Energizer team to develop a standardized print management program for all promotional merchandising displays. In addition, InnerWorkings will assume management of Energizer’s permanent merchandising display program leveraging the design and sourcing expertise of DB Studios, which was acquired by InnerWorkings in 2013. These efforts include procurement, design, engineering, sourcing, production, inventory and fulfillment of merchandising and display materials to be used across Energizer’s retail environments.

Michelle Atkinson, vice president and chief marketing officer for Energizer stated: “InnerWorkings’ suite of capabilities both complements and extends the talent of our own marketing organization. Their track record for innovation and scale will enable us to deliver breakthrough brand experiences across geographies, channels, and formats.”

Additionally, as part of the partnership, InnerWorkings will leverage VALO, its multi-currency, multi-language technology platform to facilitate materials ordering, purchasing, and reporting for Energizer brand and retail teams.

About InnerWorkings Inc.

InnerWorkings Inc. (NASDAQ: INWK) is a leading global marketing supply chain company servicing corporate clients across a wide range of industries. With proprietary technology, an extensive supplier network and deep domain expertise, the company procures, manages and delivers printed materials and promotional products as part of a comprehensive outsourced enterprise solution. InnerWorkings is based in Chicago, employs approximately 1,500 individuals, and maintains 67 global offices in 30 countries. Among the many industries InnerWorkings services are: retail, financial services, hospitality, non-profits, healthcare, food and beverage, broadcasting and cable, education, transportation and utilities.

Source: InnerWorkings Inc.

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