Emprint/Moran Completes Acquisition of TriStar Graphics Monroe, Lafayette, LA, Operations

BATON ROUGE, LA—June 24, 2014—Emprint/Moran Printing of Baton Rouge, LA, has completed its acquisition of the assets of TriStar Graphics (TSG), a commercial printer based in Monroe, LA, which also has operations in Lafayette, LA. The deal was first announced in March, reported The Advocate.

Founded over 130 years by Thomas J. Moran, Emprint/Moran Printing now operates two facilities—a commercial and digital printing plant and a warehousing and distribution center at its Baton Rouge location, and a production facility in Savannah, GA.

Rebecca Vance, president and COO of Emprint/Moran, told The Advocate that TriStar’s Lafayette facility’s sales and customer service staff will not change, while some of its production capabilities will be moved to Emprint’s Baton Rouge facility. She added that the staff in TriStar’s Monroe office will also not be affected by the acquisition.

“Almost 40 new employees will be joining our Emprint team as a result of this acquisition,” Vance told The Advocate. “TSG is known for the close relationships that their sales and customer-service personnel forge with their clients. Along with a geographical expansion, TSG’s dedicated staff is one of the main reasons that we saw this acquisition as an excellent fit with our existing operations.”

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