Emergency Replacement, Start-up Company Among Reasons for Latest Heidelberg Installs

KENNESAW, GA—July 20, 2012—Heidelberg has announced the following new CTP system, sheetfed press and postpress product installations at Cube Services, BAMA Printing, Econo Print and Keno Graphic Services.

Cube Services Benefits from Coordinated Effort by Heidelberg

It was Heidelberg to the rescue when Cube Services in Reno, NV, found itself in urgent straits recently, its existing platesetter having broken down in the midst of the company’s move to larger quarters. With its sales and technical teams working together, Heidelberg was able to document, ship and install a new A52 Suprasetter CTP system with workflow within a week after the order was placed.

“Installation was so fast it practically happened backward,” said company vice president Mark McKinnon.

Being leader of the market for backstage passes for music and sporting events, Cube’s business “is all about how fast we can turn things around,” McKinnon said. Leaving little to chance, the company owns assorted duplicate equipment to ensure continuity in event of a breakdown—everything, in fact, but a second platesetter. (Ironically, there hadn’t been room for one in the original facility.)

“We’d been looking at a Heidelberg Suprasetter to replace our existing CTP device for some time,” McKinnon explained. “This situation gave us an opportunity to see how fast Heidelberg could get us a new machine.”

The old platesetter broke on a Wednesday. On Thursday, McKinnon heard from Heidelberg’s shipping department, which said it could get the equipment on a truck from Georgia that afternoon. Heidelberg’s installation team checked in next to schedule its arrival. The new platesetter was en route to Reno over the weekend, and on Cube’s doorstep by Wednesday with the installation team waiting. The company ran test plates until training took place the following week.

Now that the platesetter is fully deployed imaging Saphira Chemfree plates for the company’s Printmaster press, “Our pressmen absolutely love it,” McKinnon said, “especially the internal punching mechanism that gives them maximum register accuracy. Thanks to the automated single cassette loader, they no longer have to wait for plates, freeing them for any of 100 other things they have to do. Our all-around efficiency is also up. Over time, that amounts to a competitive advantage in our fast-paced business.”

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