EFI PrintMe Mobile Increases Control of Printing from Mobile Devices

FOSTER CITY, CA—June 12, 2012—EFI announced PrintMe Mobile 2.2 software, which gives IT departments the ability to better control and manage printing from tablets and smartphones in the enterprise. PrintMe Mobile’s new capabilities enable leading job accounting applications including Equitrac and PaperCut to track printing from smartphones and tablets.

PrintMe Mobile also enhances access control to printers throughout an organization, and provides local release printing to ensure sensitive documents never leave the corporate network and are only printed when requested by a user. A full version of PrintMe Mobile 2.2 software is available for download and a free 45-day trial.

With PrintMe Mobile 2.2, IT departments can account for all printing originating from mobile devices, and implement policies to control access to printers based on a user ID. EFI has added advanced user authentication to enable integration with a corporate LDAP server. This helps companies improve the accuracy of job accounting software by tracking mobile print jobs in the system based the specific user who is printing.

IT departments can also use PrintMe Mobile to create and enforce policies to control which printers can be used and what types of printing options are available (black/white or color, stapling, advanced finishing, etc.) for each specific user or groups of users.

“The explosion of tablets in the enterprise has created a serious challenge to tracking, managing and reporting print jobs,” said Chris Dance, CEO of PaperCut Software. “The standard AirPrint print job is anonymous and does not provide a way for companies to track who printed it. With PrintMe Mobile working together with PaperCut, companies can now bring mobile printing in line with their job accounting rules in order to properly account for print activity and reduce overall consumables.”

PrintMe Mobile 2.2 also delivers secure printing for organizations that have highly sensitive content or tight restrictions on information leaving the company network. Users can send print jobs from anywhere to an internal print queue and release the print using their mobile device once they are standing at a printer.

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