EFI Introduces New Printing Technology for Fiery-Driven MFPs

FOSTER CITY, CA—January 26, 2010—With a goal to reduce the complexity and cost of office printing, today EFI (Nasdaq: EFII) launched Fiery VUE, an innovative print application that makes publishing of professional-looking finished documents fast and simple for all office workers. The application is ideal for any functional group across an enterprise including sales, marketing, finance, legal, HR and training.

Fiery VUE takes all the complexity out of producing professional documents. Before printing, any office user can interact with the document on-screen in 3D to sculpt and then preview exactly how the finished document will look. This creates better looking documents, reduces waste and lowers overall cost.

“Fiery VUE will save us two to three hours a day in document prep, with amazing finished results,” said Angi Hast, project manager at Company Nurse, a Scottsdale, AZ. provider of nurse triage services for workers compensation claims. “We create a lot of booklets, and before Fiery VUE, it was a trial-and-error process involving printing a draft, making changes, and printing again. Now, we can quickly and easily import documents from various files, format our booklets, use the preview feature to confirm everything, and print once. This all adds up to huge savings in time and paper.”

“Fiery VUE is a game-changing application from EFI. We believe it will eliminate office workers’ ongoing frustration associated with searching for available printers, installing various print drivers or just trying to print a nice looking finished document,” said Toby Weiss, general manager and senior vice president of the Fiery division, EFI. “As companies seek solutions to lower costs, speed turn-around times and reduce waste in support of their green initiatives, Fiery VUE enables fast production of professional-looking documents while dramatically improving productivity.”

With minimal keystrokes or training, Fiery VUE allows office workers to be more productive, reducing the time and complexity of creating and assembling finished documents. Business owners gain in-house document control and lower costs, while being assured security, consistent quality and color accuracy across all departments.

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