EFI Fiery Certification Program Launched to Help Customers Maximize Productivity

FOSTER CITY, CA—July 31, 2012—EFI announced a new certification training program for its Fiery digital print servers, tools, and software options. Print providers now have a structured learning program that teaches them the essential skills they need to increase production capacity through enhanced staff productivity, to expand their service portfolio into higher profit jobs, and to increase customer loyalty with superior color quality and faster job turnaround. As an added benefit the Fiery Certification program validates acquired skills through a certification exam.

“Fiery technology is the world’s most popular digital printing workflow and now users will benefit by having an official certification program that helps them maximize the productivity of their people and the performance of their existing digital engines,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing. “Fiery Certification is an investment that returns real value to the business with the enhanced skill set of its Fiery certified employees. Increased staff know-how can allow print providers to increase operation efficiency, reduce errors, cut waste, and produce higher quality, higher-profit variable data or complex document assembly jobs.”

These training modules and materials are exclusively developed by EFI subject-matter experts and provide a comprehensive curriculum that progressively builds knowledge on Fiery systems, tools, features and software options. Designed for new and existing Fiery users, the program consists of two tracks — Fiery Professional Certification and Fiery Expert Certification.

The Fiery Professional Certification establishes solid foundational skills on Fiery functionality such as optimal system configuration, print job management, automated workflows, color profiles and calibration. This curriculum consists of 15 self-paced online courses and a certification exam. The entirely Web-based program is accessible anytime, anywhere and allows students to create their own learning plan around their schedule.

“The Fiery Professional Certification program is really interactive and easy to understand,” said Clement Savari, a trainer at Australian National College. “It gave me a solid understanding of the Fiery workflow, and now I’ll be able to pass new knowledge on to my students that they can take into their first jobs in the industry.”

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