New Digital Print Center for Edwards Brothers

ANN ARBOR, MI—Edwards Brothers announced the opening of a new digital print center in Oxnard, CA, making it the 10th digital print center owned or operated by the firm. The center will primarily print soft cover books and journals.

The move is part of Edwards Brothers’ EB Print Local program that allows publishers to print closest to each book’s final destination, whether that is a warehouse, a retail outlet, or the end user. Printing locally saves both time and money on shipping and reduces the carbon footprint of each book shipped.

“Publishers want to get books where they need to go as quickly and cheaply as possible, so offering them more local market options has been and continues to be our ongoing goal,” said John Edwards, president and CEO of Edwards Brothers. “With this new center, we’ll now be able to get a book into the hands of 92 percent of the U.S. population within one to two days after manufacturing, usually without paying more than ground rates. That’s a pretty powerful draw for a lot of publishers.”

Edwards Brothers opened its first digital print center in 1997 and now has digital centers located in Michigan, North Carolina, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, California, Canada and the United Kingdom. Edwards Brothers is also part of the gps Global Print Solutions worldwide distributed print alliance.

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