EDITOR’S notebook

From a change perspective, I’ve been around to witness the shift from proprietary CEPS systems to desktop publishing, and the subsequent demise of professional typographers; the iterations of page assembly using film, and the eventual adoption of filmless, computer-to-plate workflows; the industry dotcom bubble, and subsequent burst; the slow, but finally gaining steam, growth of digital printing and one-to-one marketing; as well as today’s newest developments in JDF and its role in the adoption of computer-integrated manufacturing processes.

I’ve also enjoyed mentoring editorial associates over the years, watching them become chief editors of sister magazines within our company or moving on to other outside opportunities. Perhaps one’s gift to the human race can best be measured, not based on personal accomplishments, but by the positive impact made on others.

But, most rewarding, has been the chance to get to know so many industry individuals; it’s the people who truly make the graphic arts so special. As the old saying goes, “Once you get ink in your veins, you never leave this industry.” I guess, like so many others associated with printing, the blood that flows in my body isn’t red—it’s magenta.

Mark T. Michelson

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