EDITOR’S notebook

This phenomenon has been coined “The Drupa Effect” by some vendors and industry observers. Many smaller, regional shows have been scaled down this year, with manufacturers opting for modest booths and a more low-key presence in anticipation of the big show in Germany. Manufacturers have used the regional shows more as a place to meet-and-greet customers than to debut products or sell equipment.

The importance of digital printing and digital workflow technology is obvious from many of the recent announcements. This year’s Drupa is already being called the “JDF Drupa,” due to the number of manufacturers offering JDF-compliant equipment.

So it seems only fitting that this issue is heavily dedicated to a digital printing theme. Especially with On Demand taking place this month, it is equally fitting to have New York City-based Royal Impressions as our cover story. Royal Impressions is known as a leader in the digital printing world and continues to upgrade its award-winning facility with the latest digital equipment.

We also focus on how to sell digital printing, which is a hot topic in the industry right now. Many “Old School” printing salespeople need to learn more about how to sell new digital technology to their customers. Printers and digital printing equipment manufacturers are both well aware of this fact and are working to make sure digital printing becomes a mainstay in pressrooms.

Digital printing is our future—we don’t need to see our shadow to predict that.

Mark T. Michelson

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