Editorial Mobile Activated Print Programs Embraced by Leading U.S. Magazines

BOSTON—February 18, 2014—The use of mobile activated print in the Top 100 U.S. magazines has seen a dramatic change in 2013. Advertisers have previously driven the trend with the interest of engaging consumers in highly immersive experiences for their brand; however, in 2013 editorial accelerated their adoption. For the first time since 2010 editorial mobile programs dominated the space with image recognition and augmented reality driven experiences. Additional trends that emerged include growth in multi-issue activations, increase in third-party and magazine branded apps, and a shift in emphasis towards utility-based post-scan experiences that provide more value to readers. Nellymoser has tracked the use of mobile in magazine media since 2010, documenting the overwhelming growth in mobile activations in both editorial and advertising content.

Nellymoser’s Mobile Activation Study is designed to amass the most comprehensive picture of how mobile is being deployed in the U.S. magazine market. Every page is examined, every mobile enhancement is launched, and the data is collected for both editorial and advertising pages. Nellymoser uses this data for industry-wide benchmarking and to inform the design and implementation of print to digital experiences.

Some of the striking results include:

  • 246 percent increase in magazine titles using mobile activated print by editorial teams
  • Number of mobile experiences has risen to 13,088—54.9 percent growth over 2012
  • Image recognition and augmented reality were the dominant activation vehicle
    with 60 percent market share
  • Advertisers remain actively engaged with QR comprising 60 percent of all advertising activations

“2013 was a watershed year for mobile activated media and an exciting time in the space,” stated
John Puterbaugh, executive vice president and chief digital officer, Nellymoser. “The fact that
there was a 246 percent increase in magazines using mobile in editorial demonstrates the unique
opportunity mobile creates for editors, allowing them to connect their print and digital content
and engage their readers. This is part of a larger trend of second screen technologies and the use
of mobile as a companion media.”

For other insightful data and trends, download the Mobile Activation Study.

About Nellymoser
Nellymoser, a mobile marketing and technology company founded in 2000 and headquartered in Boston, creates mobile companion apps and cross-media campaigns. These campaigns are triggered using smartphones via multiple activation points placed in editorial content, advertisements or on product packaging. The result is instant multimedia, interactive and up-to-date content designed to deliver consumer engagement, foster brand loyalty, and drive revenue for clients. Nellymoser’s customers include leading publishers, retailers and brand advertisers.

Source: Nellymoser.

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