East Coast Design & Print and Print Data Corp. Merge to Form PDEC

WALL, NJ—February 25, 2009—Effective immediately, Print Data Corp. and East Coast Design & Print, two of the premier suppliers of printed communications and information technology services & supplies in the Northeast, have merged forming a new entity—PDEC.

By combining the infrastructures of the two companies, eliminating certain redundancies and leveraging buying power, PDEC is positioned to be the supplier-of-choice for companies in various markets who need to control their expenses without compromising their vital operations.

“This was, by far, the easiest decision I have ever made relative to growing my business and serving my customers”, East Coast Design & Print president, Joseph Sodano said. “Every industry seems to have a threshold that separates the small from the big players, with this merger PDEC is firmly placed among the big players.”

Print Data president, Jeff Green added: “A merger of this type always made great economic sense for us, the difficult part was finding a partner who shares our culture and our commitment to our customers. As we became more and more acquainted Joe and his team, it was clear that we had found a perfect fit”.

Synergy Partners/Synergy Capital was the exclusive advisor to the companies in completing the above transaction.

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