E-TOOLS – Staying Connected

“It’s a retail outlet, so its ordering patterns are pretty much the same from year to year. Printable’s archiving system allows orders to be archived; the client can see what was purchased the year before,” Davis states.

A Web-based system also ensures that, although a print buyer may be replaced, a printer will not be. “All the new print buyer has to do is go check the site to see what they normally order. Because it’s easy to use and understand, it makes Performance Printing that much less replaceable,” reveals Moore, of her Atlanta-based operation. “It makes it harder for new print buyers to bring in their own people when this system is already in place.”

Because Moore often works with large, multiple-location companies, job tracking offers clients the benefit of managing all their printing at one location, as well as enabling them to expand their selling capabilities. “We are no longer limited to the Atlanta area. For example, a regional office in Atlanta may purchase printing from us, but its headquarters are in California. The Collabria system enables me to expand my geographic area and bring in more sales,” Moore says.

John Arai, general manager of Lason Online in San Francisco—a PrintChannel user—reports that without job tracking capabilities Lason would not be as successful. “We can leverage remote sales forces because of it. Our customer base is everywhere,” he reports.

Lason’s PrintChannel system has also freed up its sales and customer service reps. Lason, which monitors its customer service calls through a customer service database, found that with between 4,000 to 6,000 transactions per month they receive about 700 customer calls spread over just 20 clients. “Most of the calls from clients are on how to run the system or how to modify their orders. We get very few ‘Where is my order?’ calls,” Arai explains.

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