e-LYNXX Corp. Introduces Automated Vendor Selection Technology

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—Jan. 25, 2011—A technology that automates for buyers the selection of its vendors qualified to produce a specified product or service is being introduced by e-LYNXX Corp. as it unveils its updated Website at www.e-lynxx.com. Branded AVS Technology, the new technology is rooted in a series of Automated Vendor Selection patents* awarded to e-LYNXX in 2002, 2008 and 2010 with a continuing application in progress.

“AVS Technology is an automated procedure for selecting vendors of custom goods and services that must be defined by production or performance specifications at the time of purchase. It has universal application and is not restricted to any industry or area of spend management,” said William Gindlesperger, CEO of e-LYNXX. “The AVS Technology procedure is used both by system providers of procurement or supply chain solutions and by the buying organizations themselves. It applies to all computer-operated systems that match vendor attributes with project specifications to identify vendors qualified to bid on the work.”

Custom and other specification-defined goods and services differ from pre-stocked or inventoried items in that they must be specifically manufactured or provided to meet particular buyer requirements. Consequently, custom goods and services cannot simply be purchased off the shelf at fixed prices appearing on standard rate cards or price lists. Instead, custom work prices are established after the exact goods or services are actually specified. Only then can the manufacturer or service provider assess the precise production or performance specifications required to do the project.

Some examples of custom goods and services are direct mail, marketing materials, commercial printing, publications, labels, packaging, creative services, temporary staffing, textiles, automotive and other machined parts, specialized tools, medical instruments, extruded products, transportation, trucking and construction services.

Organizations currently licensing AVS Technology, and using it with e-LYNXX recommended best practices are saving 25% to 50% in the costs of procured goods and services while reducing inefficiencies, strengthening controls, increasing competitiveness and ensuring fairness in the process

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  • http://marksmith mark smith

    I find this system to be cumbersome and a distinct disadvantage for printers to maintain one to one contact with the client both pre-award and during the job process.

    Mark Smith

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    So who licenses the AVS technology?