e-LYNXX Corp. Introduces Automated Vendor Selection Technology

“Licensing AVS Technology should be viewed as both a strategic benefit and a legal requirement,” Gindlesperger emphasized. “Any organization with a computer-operated system that procures custom goods and services, by following the steps outlined in AVS Technology, is required to obtain a license to use (or continue using) the patented* procedure. This applies to systems that are developed internally as well as those used through third-party brokers, procurement services and system providers. You should check with your system or service provider to ensure that the system you are using is in compliance with AVS Technology licensing requirements.”

About e-LYNXX Corp.
e-LYNXX Corp. patented the technology integral to e-commerce. Endorsed by Educational & Institutional Cooperative Purchasing (E&I) and Printing Industries of America (PIA), e-LYNXX drives results through its three divisions. • AVS Technology licenses the patented* automated vendor selection procedure used in e-commerce and procurement systems. • American Print Management provides web-based system, services and patented AVS Technology to reduce substantially the procured costs of direct mail, marketing, publications, packaging, labels and other procured print. • Government Print Management offers effective U.S. GPO bid services and strategies. www.e-LYNXX.com – 888-876-5432

*U. S. Patent No. 6,397,197, Patent No. 7,451,106, post-Bilski Patent No. 7,788,143, and Continuing Application 12/855,423 (collectively, the AVS Technology) – This thicket of patents covers all custom goods and services, not just print. To inquire about licensing, contact Anthony Hawks at 888-876-5432 or Michael Cannata at 905-773-2207.

Source: Company press release.

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  • http://marksmith mark smith

    I find this system to be cumbersome and a distinct disadvantage for printers to maintain one to one contact with the client both pre-award and during the job process.

    Mark Smith

  • http://HenryFreedman Henry Freedman

    So who licenses the AVS technology?