E-Commerce Firms, CMS Manufacturers, NPES Push JDF Standard

“What will drive this is the larger print buyers,” Hallberg adds, noting that he has discussed the issue with a number of major print buyers. “Purchasing departments are embracing e-commerce because of the time it saves. Of course, there are security issues to resolve, but I’m hearing predictions that as much as 90 percent of their purchasing will be done over the Internet.”

Officials say NPES was the logical choice, since, in addition to PrintTalk, the association serves as secretariat to similar organizations, such as The American National Standards Institute accredited B65 Committee, the Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS), the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to the International Organization for Standardization’s Technical Committee 130 Graphic Technology.

NPES also administers the International Color Consortium (ICC), an organization devoted to developing a specification to enable different computer platforms and devices to translate color information into a standard color interchange.

“Right now,” says Hallberg, “the industry is a bit like the larger computer industry was in the 1970s, when there were a number of different computer languages, none of which could talk to each other. But in the next few years, the systems we’ll all use for e-commerce will be developed, and we want them to be open systems.”

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