DXP Saves Time and Money with Presstek’s Chemistry-Free Aurora Pro Plates

WEST DRAYTON, UK—June 16, 2010—Presstek, Inc., a leading supplier of digital offset printing solutions to the printing and communications industries, today announced that DXP Print Solutions in Wickford, Essex, has switched to Presstek chemistry-free Aurora Pro plates for use with its five-colour Heidelberg Speedmaster 74. Plates are imaged on a Kodak Trendsetter computer-to-plate system. The company, which prints a range of four-colour marketing and point-of-sale materials, currently produces up to 1,400 plates per month.

Aurora Pro is a chemistry-free, 100% daylight-safe thermal anodised grained aluminum plate that has been certified for use on 830 nm computer-to-plate systems, including Presstek Compass and Dimension Pro, as well as third-party platesetters from Screen, Heidelberg, and Kodak (Creo). After imaging, the plate requires a simple water wash before it is ready to mount on press.

Cost Savings
“We were interested when Presstek told us that they were launching a new chemistry-free plate for third-party thermal CTP users,” said Nick Livemore, Director. “Price is always an issue, and we wanted to determine whether we could save money while at the same time improving our productivity and maintaining our quality. Aurora Pro plates have met all of those objectives.”

The company had been using plates that develop on press, a process it found to be expensive and to have some limitations. “The biggest limitation was that we were not able to see and check the image before the plates were mounted on press,” Livemore explains. “Once we realised that there was an error on a plate when printing a five-colour job, we had to stop the press, remove the offending plates, and correct and re-image new plates. This could waste up to an hour’s production time, leaving our presses idle during that time. This is not the case with Aurora.”

DXP also installed a water wash unit for use with the Aurora Pro plates and the Trendsetter. Livemore points out that once Aurora Pro plate are imaged on the Trendsetter and rinsed in the water washer, the image is clearly visible and can be checked for errors prior to mounting on press. Mistakes are instantly spotted, saving time and hassle. “It’s a much cleaner process,” Livemore adds. “There are no particles left in either the fountain solution or the ink train, and no press contamination, a huge advantage over our previous plates. Although we were initially concerned about the maintenance of the wash unit, it only takes ten minutes every two weeks, not a burden at all.”

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