Dscoop5 Sets New Standard for Attendee and Partner Participation

• On Feb. 19, Christopher Morgan, senior vice president, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Imaging and Printing Group, said HP is continuing to invest in the graphic arts market for long-term success. Keynote speaker Stuart Varney, business and financial journalist for FOX News, shared his take on the economic climate, giving a layman’s overview of current events, including the Federal Reserve increasing the discount rate for banks and Toyota’s recall troubles. He also spoke about how the declining fertility rate worldwide will lead to more difficult lives for the aging population who are depending on smaller and smaller younger generations.

• Other HP executive presenters included Alon Bar-Shany, vice president and general manager, HP Indigo Digital Press Business, who spoke about the state of Indigo and the printing industry. Jan Riecher, vice president and general manager, HP Americas Graphics Solutions Business, participated in a panel discussion along with Morgan and Bar-Shany.

“Dscoop continues to impart a great deal of value to our members, and seeing our tremendous success year after year shows me that we truly are addressing a critical customer need,” said Francis McMahon, director of marketing, HP Americas Graphics Solutions Business, and Dscoop Board member. “I couldn’t be more thrilled to see Dscoop grow and offer more to our members.”

The 2010 Jack Glacken Award for outstanding contributions to the Dscoop community was presented to Moe Farsheed, CEO and co-founder of MindFireInc. Farsheed was an influential player in Dscoop from the organization’s founding—from helping with marketing strategies such as branding and identifying Dscoop’s unique value proposition, to sharing his knowledge with members at the conferences and on Webinars. Farsheed also served as a trusted advisor to the Dscoop Board of Directors.

“Words escaped me when I learned that I received this prestigious award, and I do not believe it has sunk in yet,” Farsheed said. “I am thrilled to have followed my good friends Jack Glacken and Alon Bar-Shany in receiving this great honor. I hope that I can live up to their example of dedication and commitment to Dscoop and the industry more generally.”

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