Dscoop Introduces Partner Summit to Connect Members, Vendors and HP

CHICAGO—08/30/10—Dscoop (Digital Solutions Cooperative) has announced a new event offering that will dramatically alter the landscape of the vendor/printer relationship in the digital print industry. The Dscoop Partner Summit, to be held Feb. 18-20, 2011 in Orlando, will connect Dscoop Partners with HP and Dscoop members. Together these groups will discuss the future of the industry and how they can create products, solutions and offerings for HP Indigo and Scitex that best meet the industry’s needs.

Dscoop will host the three-day summit concurrent with Dscoop6, the organization’s sixth annual conference, in Orlando. In many ways, this summit will be as valuable to HP and Dscoop Partners as the regular conference is to Dscoop members. The relationships they will forge will have a long-lasting effect on HP Graphic Arts customers and the digital printing industry.

“The industry is changing quickly with new requirements constantly being placed on print service providers,” said Jan Riecher, vice president and general manager, Americas Graphics Solutions Business, HP Imaging and Printing Group. “Not only is Dscoop ahead of the curve but they’re making the curve by creating opportunities for HP to work with more than 90 Dscoop Partners to change the face of the industry and enact the vision of a new roadmap for HP Graphic Arts users. Clearly, no one else in the industry is creating this kind of innovative sharing environment.”

At the Dscoop Partner Summit, select-level Dscoop Partners can attend a briefing by HP executives and Research and Development Lab sessions, thereby gaining unique insight to HP strategy and product development updates. Together, these groups will discuss the future of technology in the industry.

“Dscoop’s mission from the beginning has always been to provide a collaborate community for everyone involved with HP Graphic Arts products,” said Eric Hawkinson, executive director of Dscoop. “By delivering on the first-ever Partner Summit, Dscoop will bring our manufacturer and Partners together to assist in driving the direction of the industry. Through this process of inclusion, we continue to expand our leadership position within our community and deliver value to our membership.”

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