Dscoop Announces University and Print Directory

NASHVILLE, TN—February 21, 2013—Dscoop (the Digital Solutions Cooperative) announced two major business development initiatives today at the opening of Dscoop8, the organization’s eighth annual North American conference.

To open the sold-out three-day conference, Eric Hawkinson, Dscoop’s executive director, spoke before an enthusiastic crowd of more than 2,000 print professionals. Attendees to this annual event include business owners, executives and technology experts from the print industry’s most successful companies, all users of HP Indigo and HP Scitex technology. Designed as high-value resources to help Dscoop members succeed in today’s changing print market, Hawkinson unveiled Dscoop University and the Dscoop Print Directory.

Dscoop University

Dscoop University, powered by HP, is a community-driven training program for print service providers. The program has a single objective: build printers’ knowledge to drive business growth. The curriculum will span multiple market segments and functional tracks that include marketing, sales, operations and technology-specific topics.

The course curriculum will largely be derived from the real-world knowledge and experiences of Dscoop members, supplemented by HP resources and best-in-class industry information providers.

“A unique attribute of the Dscoop community is its ‘members helping members’ platform of knowledge sharing,” says Hawkinson. “That same element of member-driven content will significantly factor in Dscoop University’s value for its attendees. It will also be a real differentiator against other business development and training programs offered elsewhere in the print industry.”

The curriculum will be continuously updated to maintain its relevance and value amid shifts in market behavior and technology advancements.

Dscoop University will offer dual-platform learning through both online and in-person venues. Through a secure Web portal, attendees will have 24/7 access to course content. Additionally, interactive instructor-led classroom sessions, based on member needs, will be offered on a range of topic tracks in various locations.

“Our members are busy running their businesses and busy people want the ability to learn at their own pace from wherever they are,” notes Hawkinson. “Our site offers immediate, continuous and asynchronous access to rich educational content.”

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