Dragon Tone to Showcase D-Tone Color Management System at drupa

Drupa 2012 is set to run May 3-16, 2012, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

HONG KONG—April 25, 2012—Dragon Tone, a printing technology developer, will showcase D-Tone, a revolutionary color assurance system that allows for dramatic cost savings, while increasing output quality and consistency across different print production environments.

Andrew Yan, developer of the patent pending D-Tone system, will be onsite at DRUPA 2012 to demonstrate how the system works, and its application in commercial print environments.

D-Tone will be part of the exhibit of Compose System Europe, located in Hall 9, Stand E31.

In the past, print technicians have relied on their experience using the traditional color bar, and expensive calibration equipment, to ensure color precision during the pre-production process, as well as series consistency throughout the actual production run. Achieving the intended color of the client often meant a series of trial-and-errors that result in the waste of valuable time and resources.

All that changes with the D-Tone system, which uses an innovative color coding system that allows print professionals everywhere to quickly and acutely identify color and tonal variations that may impact the final output. As such, the D-Tone system, dramatically reduces the initial color balance assessment time between the “print” verses “proof” outputs, speeding up the entire production process by as much as 50 percent, and ensures professional quality, including full ISO-compliant results.

In addition, the unique system supports industry standard scanner systems and is applicable across different print environments, thus ensuring consistent results, across different presses, print runs, and even different print houses.

Key advantages of the D-Tone system:

• Increase Productivity: Up to 50 precent reduction in press set up time

• Happier Customers: Provable, repeatable results between proof and print

• Meets International Standards: Supports full ISO, Fogra, GRACoL-compliant results with a demonstrable methodology

• Environmentally Friendly: Reduces paper, ink, and power wastage.

Source: Dragon Tone.