Jürgen Rautert — The View from ‘Hei’ Above

Dr. Jürgen Rautert, member of the Management Board of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG.

Now it’s important to add that our strategy remains viable for the future: Of course, the sheetfed offset market is our core market, and our strength in that market over the years is a growth potential for us now. Our broad portfolio of installed equipment is a tremendous asset in today’s difficult economic environment

PI: When we finally emerge from recession, how will the market compare with 2007?

Rautert: I see a chance that our industry will be able to reach the market level of 2007, but with a different development path for industrialized markets and developing markets: The clients in industrialized environments tend to focus much more on investments to gain productivity on one hand and value-added applications on the other hand. In developing countries, we are facing a situation with more organic growth potential. In many of those countries there is still low per capita paper consumption with a high potential for growth. Our customers around the globe are on their way to further developing the industry and are being rewarded with promising business opportunities.

PI: Can you elaborate on Heidelberg’s approach to helping its customer achieve growth and gain productivity?

Rautert: We work hard to offer the best value for money in terms of machines, software and professional service to keep the equipment up and running. Certified consumables help to achieve the desired printing results. But success consists of more —our customers offer many different and creative solutions to their clients to successfully differentiate themselves from their peers.

Our mission is very clear: if we are able to support our customers in a way that they become winners, we do. Let me list the areas of excellence and some of the typical questions our customers and we have to find answers for:

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