Donnelley – Covering All Bases

He adds that the acquisition of Iridio and Omega tripled Donnelley’s premedia network in the United States. By expanding the network, Donnelley can “get closer to our customers, so we have faster, more reliable and higher quality turnaround time on the front end of the printing process,” Allen remarks. “Premedia services, because they’re digitally based, also support the development of the new services we have around the Internet, in helping our customers communicate to their customers across the Internet channel.”

Among the challenges for 2001, Allen notes, is monitoring customer needs as they evolve. He believes the slowdown of the economy and the increase in postal rates will be at the fore of customer issues presently and in the near future.

“I don’t believe our customers are going to significantly change their print needs going forward,” Allen says. “Print is always going to be a critical component of our customers’ mix because it’s so effective as a media choice.

“We believe, if you were to look at the whole print-related market, that the U.S. communications industry could increase by as much as 31 percent by the year 2004, and that will be about a $750 billion market size,” he remarks. “So not only does print look like it’s got a bright future and strong growth, but the related services we’re investing in to support our customers also look strong.”

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