Dome Printing–Matching Proof to Plate

In an age of consolidation, Dome Printing—a $20 million, family run commercial printing operation servicing clients the caliber of Intel and Sutter Home—is a prime example of what good management, a clean production process and industrial-strength digital color proofing can do to retool a once-traditional printer.


Perfection is one word that must be very near and dear to the Poole family at Dome Printing. Family patriarch and president of Dome Printing, Ray Poole, and his three sons, Tim, Andy and Robert, operate the Sacramento, CA-based commercial printing facility.

What makes Dome Printing unique? For one thing, the plant is very, very clean. A visitor could “white glove” any office of Dome Printing and probably end up leaving lint on an otherwise immaculate work area. Dome seems to be maintenanced with what can only be best described as due diligence and extreme care. If there were such a thing as a commercial printing operation that was “too clean” it may, in fact, be Dome.

“We are very particular about our operation. We pride ourselves on order, neatness and efficiency—even our houses are neat; we really value taking care of our belongings,” admits Tim Poole, vice president at Dome.

All four Poole men walk the plant religiously, day after day. Ray, a non-traditional entrepreneur who has worked for more than three decades to redefine the path of success in commercial printing—an industry to which he was not born, rather, an industry to which he applied boundless energy, spirit and ambition, starting in 1969 when, with one press, he started Dome Printing—is in charge of all executive management aspects at Dome; Tim oversees the daily operations of the company; Andy directs traffic in the pressroom and bindery; and Robert keeps the prepress department in order.

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