DirectSmile to Present Cross-Media Marketing Solution in the drupa innovation park

Drupa 2012 is set to run May 3-16, 2012, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

BERLIN, GERMANY—March 7, 2012—At drupa 2012, DirectSmile Cross Media will take centre stage on DirectSmile’s stand in the drupa innovation park (Hall 7, stand E11). Throughout the event, the company will be showcasing its latest cutting-edge software solutions and providing live demonstrations of DirectSmile Cross Media, revealing how this invaluable marketing tool enables the quick and easy creation of cost-effective, successful database-driven campaigns.

DirectSmile Cross Media is an award-winning solution designed for the production of personalized, automated marketing campaigns across print, online and mobile media.

“To meet today’s market challenges, maintain a competitive edge and tap into new, profitable revenue streams, many print service providers are making the transition to marketing service providers. DirectSmile Cross Media is the ideal solution to facilitate this transition. Its easy-to-use interface makes training and implementation very simple, but it also provides the tools needed to produce highly effective marketing campaigns, increasing return on investment for both the printer and their customers,” explains Harry Raaphorst, the new Managing Director at DirectSmile GmbH.

By implementing DirectSmile Cross Media users can easily create personalized print, e-mails and websites (PURLs), and link them together to create one integrated campaign. DirectSmile Cross Media will then automatically measure the online response rates, allowing customers to analyze the campaign’s success and justify the value of personalized, cross-media marketing.

In addition, the process for producing such a seemingly complex marketing campaign is actually very simple. Operating DirectSmile Cross Media requires no programming skills or special expertise and professional layouts for e-mails and websites can be designed entirely without HTML skills, making it easier to get started.

Harry Raaphorst continues, “The different applications for campaigns created using DirectSmile Cross Media include direct marketing campaigns for lead generation and customer loyalty, customer surveys, competitions, newsletters, sales-support applications, communication for trade shows and events – the list is endless! Come and visit us at drupa and see what new business opportunities you could be exploring with this powerful solution.”

About DirectSmile
DirectSmile is the inventor of image personalization and one of the leading suppliers of software for cross-media marketing and variable data printing. Award-winning DirectSmile solutions allow users to implement sophisticated personalization tasks with ease, efficiency and smooth workflows, and leverage the power of one-to-one-communications across all media. DirectSmile solutions are designed for true mass-personalization, allowing million-volume database-driven communications both in printed and digital media with the ability to track detailed campaign feedback.

Source: DirectSmile.