DirectSmile Debuts Latest Online Marketing Solution, Cross Media 4.0, at GRAPH EXPO

BERLIN—09/27/2010—Following the success of its European launch of the first intuitive software for personalised online campaigns, DirectSmile will show, for the first time in the USA, its revolutionary Cross Media solution incorporating an intuitive cross-media toolkit, Cross Media Designer.

Cross Media Designer is a single-screen interface which allows user to harness the power of Cross Media 4.0 without any knowledge of html coding. It incorporates every element required to quickly build personalised websites and integrated e-mail campaigns. According to Axel Marciniak, General Manager at Direct Smile, “Cross Media 4.0 with Cross Media Designer is a software revolution for online marketeers. There is no other software in the world that can build response-intensive PURLs and e-mails as easily, just by dragging and dropping elements into a layout.”

Drag-and-drop functionality, with the ability to collect and manage digital assets, preview designs and interrogate the recipient database, enables users to easily create highly targeted and effective campaigns in a totally new and more flexible way. This single-screen approach to creation, testing and despatch dramatically increases the potential for campaign success, through fast implementation and real-time design freedom.

“Without HTML know-how and programming skills, anyone can now easily produce layouts for PURLs and e-mailings, including personalised customer-relevant images, headlines and body copy, and distribute the finished result to a database of individual recipients. This provides a highly effective and low cost entry into digital marketing with fast start up”

The heart of the design toolkit is a dynamic preview area which not only shows progress in real time, but also shows exactly how the campaign will look in all common browsers. With the recipient database on the same screen, users can choose a record and see the matching individualised preview at once.

The total capabilities of Cross Media 4.0 bring key benefits to Print Service Providers (PSP), Agencies and Corporate enterprises. For example, PSPs traditionally provide only the printed element of campaigns. Now, with very little investment and no extra skills, they can provide a more comprehensive service to their customers by adding the digital element. For agencies a wide variety of campaigns can be built, from SME sales promotions to major campaigns for blue-chip brands, all using existing resources with no involvement from web designers or IT specialists.