Releases Data on ‘Go Green’ Initiatives

PRINCE FREDERICK, MS—March 17, 2010— (, a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, today released data on results achieved from “go green” initiatives implemented throughout the firm’s three-building physical plant in Calvert County, MD.

Don Burns, General Manager of’s Cut Sheet Division, is one of several employees leading the firm’s environmental efforts. He says, “My primary concern is saving trees. Simple steps, such as our practice of encouraging customers to use recycled paper, can have a major impact. In one recent job, the customer’s choice of 1,700 lb of recycled vs. virgin fiber paper translated to eight trees saved, 24 lb of waterborne waste and 384 lb of solid waste not created, 3,466 gal of wastewater flow avoided, 755 lb of net greenhouse gases prevented and 5.8 million BTUs of energy not consumed, according to an environmental calculator.”

While does not keep detailed statistics on all its green initiatives, the firm proudly releases the following 2009 data:

• Over 500,000 individuals on’s national Do Not Mail registry did not receive direct mail pieces, saving untold energy, trees and pollution

• Recycled more than
* 1.4 million lb of paper and 167,000 lb of cardboard
* 24,000 lb of aluminum
* 55 gal of waste ink and other chemicals
* 8 skids of electronic equipment

• Reduced monthly electricity usage by approximately 12.3%

• Avoided over 4,900 lb of carbon dioxide emissions, according to EnerNoc, by agreeing to make available 3800 kW hours of energy. In addition, helped avoid local blackouts and stabilize energy rates. Principal Kirk Swain comments, “We strive always to be a good citizen of Calvert County, contributing to the well-being of residents while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations as much as possible. These data indicate our efforts are having a measurable impact that adds to the overall quality of life in the county and the nation as a whole.”

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