Licenses GeoSelector to Lawn Doctor

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD—August 9, 2010—, a leading provider of integrated direct marketing solutions, today announced the licensing of its GeoSelector technology to Holmdel, NJ–based Lawn Doctor, Inc. The lawn service provider, which has 500 locations in 40 states and Puerto Rico, will use the patented technology to validate new franchise territories, build them out and perform market research.

GeoSelector marries Google mapping technology with a high-end geo-coding program and then links this output to over 200 million consumer records. Users can input Zip code information and use demographic selects to immediately see that area’s business potential in terms of their ideal prospect. GeoSelector also allows enhanced profiling of current customers by uploading client databases. GeoSelector output visually presents customer data, allowing ready identification of key characteristics, clusters, segments, trends and underserved areas.

Paul Mumm, Director of Marketing, Lawn Doctor, says, “GeoSelector is a compelling technology that will enable us to assist franchises in implementing their business plan. On the front end, we can independently confirm the business potential within an area before classifying it as a viable franchise territory for our consumer profile. On the back end, it will allow us to monitor how well an individual owner is doing in terms of customer capture and territory penetration. And, its mosaic profiling and demographic descriptor capabilities will provide a mechanism for continually updating our customer profile, which will significantly increase our close rate.”

Mumm continues, “GeoSelector will allow us to use our marketing dollars more effectively, too. We can focus marketing on the specific neighborhoods where clusters of our ideal customers reside, which will maximize ROI. Plus, this approach will translate to later savings in service delivery, as routing is more efficient when many customers live in the same area.”

Price Anderson, Vice President Sales and Marketing,, says, “To be profitable, businesses need to understand precisely who their best customer is. National averages simply cannot capture the subtle local differences that impact purchasing decisions and thus franchise success. In this case, Lawn Doctor customers in suburban New York are far different from those in Chicago, Dallas and San Diego. The drivers behind consumer decisions vary as well. GeoSelector provides a much-needed tool to establish local differences, site stores or franchises, use marketing dollars effectively and convert leads to sales.”