FL Printer Confirms Link to FBI Investigation

LARGO, FL—Mailing specialist Direct Mail Systems told the Tampa Bay Times that it is cooperating with the FBI in a criminal investigation of Connecticut legislators.

The investigation, initially reported by the Hartford Courant newspaper, is trying to determine whether Republican legislative candidates were pressured into using Direct Mail Systems for their campaign mailings. The printer and mailer has earned nearly $2 million from Connecticut legislator campaigns since 2008.

George Gallo, the chief of staff for the House of Representatives Republican caucus, resigned Feb. 20 after acknowledging he was a person of interest in the investigation.

In a statement given to the Tampa Bay Times, Direct Mail Systems CEO Mike Milligan said his company is cooperating with the FBI. “We are unaware of the specifics of the FBI’s probe as reported in the media, but we have been fully cooperative with the authorities in this Connecticut investigation and will continue to operate if asked.”

  • Steven Silver

    Why the CT GOP does not use local CT companies is disgraceful. If they don’t support local businesses who will? They all want our votes but they won’t even give us the opportunity to bid on these projects. Shame on them!

  • Cntrl Jersey Mail

    Mr. Silver, Politicians on both sides of the aisle are equally guilty of this practice. I have lost jobs to PA. firms where the cost of labor and rent are half what I pay here and then had visits from party members seeking donations. I would rather deal with the mafia at least you know who your dealing with and what the want.