Direct Mail with Mobile Features Is Changing Holiday Shopping

WASHINGTON, DC—Dec. 10, 2012—Direct mail remains a medium of choice for holiday shoppers and marketers alike. And enhanced with mobile and Web technologies, such as Quick-Response (QR) codes, personalized URLs and augmented reality, it’s engaging consumers like never before.

“Long lauded for its ability to provide consumers with personalized and tangible information about products, promotions and sales, today’s direct mail, combined with Web technologies and smartphone apps, is offering holiday shoppers a media-rich experience that connects with them on a deeper, more personal level,” according to Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products, U.S. Postal Service.

“Direct mail that includes personalized QR codes or personalized URLs, which link consumers to individualized discounts and special invites—usually with their names —tells recipients that the retailer knows who they are and what they want,” added Reblin.

Direct mail enhanced with augmented reality (AR) technology allows shoppers to view products from all angles or interact with 3D-embedded videos and animations.

“People love the idea of being able to demo a product before they make a purchase, and now they don’t have to leave home to do it,” continued Reblin.

Circulars and catalogs always have motivated customers to get to the store, and now they are driving consumers online to make purchases. According to Reblin, an increasing number of mobile-enabled circulars and catalogs will be the launching point for many holiday purchases this season.

“More and more retailers are creating mobile-optimized sites for their direct mail campaigns to allow their customers to shop whenever and wherever they are,” he said.

Direct mail also can do double duty. Retailers now are incorporating digital coupons—which can be saved on a mobile device—into their hard copy mail. If a consumer prefers to visit a brick and mortar location to purchase a product and realizes on the way that a coupon was left at home, there’s no need to turn around; a digital coupon can be downloaded from the mail when it’s received.