Digital Printers Alliance and SPC Unveil Portal Solution for Real Estate Professionals

NORTH SPRINGFIELD, VT—May 15, 2012—Digital Printers Alliance and SPC Marcom Studio announced a comprehensive marketing and communications solution offering for the real estate industry. The easy-to-use marketing portal helps agents and brokers customize, proof and purchase company-approved and brand-compliant collateral materials, such as business cards, fliers and lawn signs. The system automates every step of the collateral creation process, from design to printing and through to delivery.

“With this automated, easy-to-use marketing collateral creation framework, large corporations and franchises can now trust that their brand will be preserved while offering ease and speedy delivery all the way to the edge,” said John Johnson, president of SPC Marcom Studio. “Add the distributed print footprint of the DPA to the platform and global organizations within the real estate industry can now be served.”

All paper is supplied by Mohawk Paper and its new website. All production is automated and guaranteed to be shipped in 72 hours or less with delivery in two days or less via FedEx Ground and/or FedEx Smart Post.

The solution also integrates the ability to digitally watermark printed materials using the Digimarc Discover platform. The technology embeds an imperceptible digital code into images, graphics or text that can be detected by the camera in a smartphone, but not by the human eye.

“We are very pleased that the DPA and SPC have integrated the Digimarc Discover Platform into their on-demand marketing and communications offerings for the real estate marketplace,” said Ed Knudson, EVP, sales & marketing of Digimarc Corp.. “We believe that real estate professionals will find that our technology enables them to create more engaging and aesthetically compelling sales materials and that consumers will find it provides an added convenience while house-hunting.”

With the ability to easily add digital watermarks to their collateral, agents can now create interactive, print-to-mobile experiences for prospects, such as the virtual home tour featured in this video. Agents can currently embed videos and website URLs into collateral, and will soon be able to initiate smart phone calls, insert Google map links and searches and allow sharing on Twitter or Facebook. Upon receipt of this interactive collateral, prospects are instructed to download the free Digimarc Discover app, which is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.