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September 2002

Fuji's answer was to develop a "color pyramid" modeled on human perception for use in matching the output of different devices, the marketing exec says. More target patches are used for colors that are visually demanding, such as neutrals, while fewer patches are used in other areas to keep computation requirements down, he explains.

Once a match has been established between the proof and printed output, the printer has the right to add a "Match Certified" logo (complete with serial number for verification) to all of its color proofs made with the system. While the tools themselves are used by printers, Fuji says it also plans to promote the "Match Certified" logo and concept directly to print buyers.

Three standard, "Match Certified" LUTs—commercial standard dot gain, commercial low dot gain and SWOP certified—will ship with all Fujifilm FinalProof and PictroProof systems. One custom "Match Certified" LUT will be provided with each FinalProof at no cost, and additional, customized LUTs for either device can be purchased as needed, with a two- to three-day turnaround.

Graph Expo also will see the U.S. debut of the Fujifilm Saber Luxel V-series platesetters featuring 30mW violet laser diodes. The eight-up version reportedly will be commercially available at the show, with the four-up model soon to follow.

The devices can be operated under bright yellow safelight conditions and will be offered in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations. According to Bennett, a three-point registration system is used to hold the plate on the drum to minimize the non-imageable plate area and to allow for a more productive and flexible punching operation after processing.

The manufacturer's multi-laser imaging technology enables upgrading to two lasers for greater productivity. Violet technology offers a lower cost of ownership and provides longer laser life since the diode is only "on" during the actual imaging of a spot, Bennett points out.

The platesetters are designed to work in concert with Fujifilm's new LP-NV violet-sensitive, photopolymer plate. This product eliminates the use of silver, is rated for at least 200,000 impressions (UV-curable for increased durability) and offers a resolution of 2 percent to 98 percent at 200 lpi. According to the manufacturer, commercial shipments of the plate are forecast to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

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