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More Than 700 Get Connected At EFI Event

LAS VEGAS—The plush MGM Grand Hotel and Casino was the mecca for approximately 700 worldwide customers as EFI/Connect 2004, Printcafe’s fifth annual user’s conference, paid a visit to Sin City June 27-30. The conference resembled a mini Graph Expo, with 22 exhibitors showcasing complementary equipment, and 162 educational seminars for users of EFI workflow solutions.

The conference opened with a state-of-the-industry report by Andrew Paparozzi, the NAPL’s chief economist, titled, “Success Factors of the Profit Leaders.” Paparozzi pointed out that the recession has been much more severe for the industry than it has for the rest of the economy, and that the printing industry is changing both structurally and cyclically.

“The structural change has nothing to do with the economy,” Paparozzi noted. “It’s redefining how people communicate and print’s role in that.”

Among the structural changes he cited were the Internet, clients shortening press runs, just-in-time purchasing to minimize client inventory, more color/variable content, and clients merging, relocating and forming purchasing organizations.

Paparozzi projects the industry will lose 4,000 printers by 2008. About 2,600 printers went away between 1998 and 2000—before the recession hit—further proof that structural changes are behind the printing industry downturn.

The next morning’s general session was “The EFI Report” with CEO Guy Gecht. He noted that the company has $750 million in the bank and plans on making some acquisitions, believing there are “too many technology providers out there.”

Road Show Helps Unlock Digital Profits

VALHALLA, NY—Enovation Graphic Systems is inviting printers to attend a new road show that will reveal how digital printing can help revitalize their businesses.

The program, put together in cooperation with Xerox and EFI, will feature a Xerox DocuColor 6060 driven by EFI’s Fiery EXP6000 RIP. Morning and afternoon presentations are slated for each day of the two-day event.

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