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SSF 2002 ‘Hot Picks’ Reflect Shift in Focus

SAN FRANCISCO—Seybold Seminars built a reputation, in large part, by being the forum for introductions of the latest and greatest innovations in print communications. How far it has evolved away from its roots is evidenced by the “Hot Picks” report compiled by the Seybold Publications editors for the recent Seybold San Francisco 2002. Bad luck and timing impacted attendance at last year’s event, but light representation from the print community was expected again this year because of this shift in focus.

More than 100 submissions reportedly were received for consideration as “must-see” products on the show flow. The “Hot Picks” roundup published by the editors of Seybold Reports broke the 16 selected products down into seven categories:

While acknowledging a shift in attention to online publishing applications, the editors note that “putting ink (or toner) on paper remains a core activity in publishing, one increasingly influenced by digital devices.” Canon was picked as having a must-see product in the “Digital Printing” category even though the details were embargoed until its introduction at the show. However, the company did say the announcement from its Imaging Systems Group was targeted to the professional graphic arts and print-for-pay industries and “will raise the standard for performance, productivity and ease-of-use in the color printing marketplace.”

Integration Recognized

Also picked in this category was the JDF Development Platform from Objective Advantage. It is a tool kit that reportedly enables developers to more easily integrate JDF, JMF and PrintTalk support into their Web, client/server and embedded applications.

PDF support is the common denominator in “Prepress Workflow” developments, according to Seybold Reports. All jokes aside, the editors were impressed with PuzzleFlow from Poland-based AC&C HSH Group. The PDF-based, client/server workflow system is said to process files in native format.

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