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Jetrion will sell and service printing systems for key application areas such as addressing and commercial printing. For those customers whose requirements exceed off-the-shelf solutions, Jetrion’s custom integration services utilize the best of currently available components to build systems that meet specific user requirements. All of these product offerings are backed by Jetrion’s service and support staff on a global basis.

PI: How will Jetrion set itself apart from other suppliers that provide ink-jet ink systems and services?

Stack: Other suppliers only provide components of a complete solution. Jetrion is different. This is a global company that provides the complete solution—inks, hardware, software and support. These core competencies are delivered with the full backing of the largest privately held ink company in the world.

Our customers will benefit from the synergy of both inks and printing systems knowledge. Our global presence allows us to work with our customers around the world, with local support and account management. And our backing by Flint Ink ensures that we are here to support our clients for the long haul.

PI: What emerging trends in digital printing do you see?

Stack: The digital printing markets are maturing and becoming mainstream. We see customers expecting system solutions rather than trying to integrate multiple components (ink, hardware, software, etc.) by themselves.

We see customers expecting a lot more from suppliers, including true application knowledge and local support. As expectation levels increase we believe the only way to effectively meet customer demands is to provide systems, not components.

“Hybrid” devices and processes, like digital printing to print only the variable data portion of a given piece, and using traditional processes to print the remainder, are beginning to emerge. The convergence of these technologies allows customers to fully utilize their installed base of equipment while taking advantage of new market opportunities that result from personalization. But to realize the full potential of these combined technologies, customers need partners that understand their business needs and can provide integration services to maximize device and process effectiveness. Increasingly, these are requirements that are needed on a global basis.

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