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Through its ColorMail product family, X-Rite has started providing the building blocks for what could be developed into a closed-loop color control system—from manufacturing to marketing. Initially, though, the company is focusing on enabling color data transfers (via e-mail) just among its own products.

Education would be a good starting point for any effort to explore the potential of such cooperation. The parties need to know what each is doing and why in terms of color measurement and control.

To help spur understanding, X-Rite recently opened a 6,000-square-foot, interactive Customer Center at its headquarters. Individual displays highlight the application of color measurement in the various market segments.

The facility also houses custom manufacturing operations, which was another stop on the tour. The relatively low volume, high precision requirements of X-Rite’s products have dictated that it bring everything—from machine shop to circuit board assembly operations—in-house, management says.

Lastly, the press event included a preview of the company’s latest product, the 939 portable 0°/45° spectrodensitometer. According to the manufacturer, the unit features a proprietary, high-resolution, 31-point spectral engine that yields an average agreement of .15 Delta-E. It can store more than 3,000 color references and samples internally. This model will replace the 938 by year’s end, says Iain Pike, worldwide product marketing manager, Imaging & Printing Businesses.

Xerox Looks to Toner for Growth

ROCHESTER, NY—Xerox Corp. recently rolled out two color copier/printer systems that are more significant for what they represent than what they do, at least in the professional printing marketplace. The DocuColor 1632 and 2240 were designed around the company’s new EA (emulsion aggregation) toner technology, which is expected to be the future of Xerox’s output product line.

The performance characteristics of these devices make them best suited for the corporate and quick printing market segments, says M. (Abby) Abhyankar, vice president of worldwide marketing for Xerox’ Color Solutions Business Unit. They really are not being targeted to high-end printing or proofing applications, he adds. (The company did also introduce the DocuColor 6060 digital color press, which fits between the DC2000 series and iGen3 professional production systems. For more on this press, see the “New Products” item on page 56.)

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