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PostScript Update Times Two

SAN JOSE, CA—For the first time, Adobe Systems is delivering its latest version of PostScript software in two editions—Host and Embedded. The latter has the potential to increase the pool of PostScript devices and users. Both implementations of PostScript 3 version 3017 feature support of PDF 1.6 and are now available to OEMs.

Adobe PostScript 3 Embedded Edition is a streamlined version of the product targeted to printing of Microsoft Office documents on desktop/workgroup printers and MFP devices. It has a smaller footprint in terms of memory space (10MB) and processing demands, but sacrifices some high-end functionality, such as support for very large files, higher resolutions, in-RIP trapping, JDF and multi-threaded rendering.

The more robust Host Edition is designed for commercial printing workflows. Along with PDF 1.6 support, it adds the ability to handle multiple color channels, embedded OpenType fonts and transparency. The software is capable of processing 16-bit color images, file sizes greater than 2GB and paper sizes larger than 200˝. It also further integrates the JDF specification and provides greater compatibility with Adobe Creative Suite 2.0.

Commercialization of the upgrade is dependent on the OEMs, but Adobe expects devices with Host Edition software to be introduced early in 2006 with Embedded Edition machines to follow sometime after.

PDF/Archive Receives ISO Approval

RESTON, VA—The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved PDF/Archive (PDF/A) as a new standard. PDF/A is a subset of PDF intended to enable electronic archiving of documents with assurance that they can be retrieved and rendered with a consistent and predictable result in the future.

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies worked with AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management) to drive establishment of the standard. Copies of the standard are available for purchase at, or

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