DIGITAL digest 12/00

A Digital Evangelist
FRANK SCOTT has managed to become one of the graphic arts industry’s recognized authorities on digital ad delivery, while still keeping up with the demands of his work for Time Inc. As director of digital development, Scott was part of the team that converted Time’s New York-based magazines to computer-to-plate production and established its partnership program to solicit ads in digital format.

After working for more than 20 years on the publishing side of the industry, Scott has moved onto new challenges by joining the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) staff as vice president and director of research. Since this is a big change on several levels, it seemed like a good time for a quick Q&A session.

PI: Going from magazine publishing to association work, and physically relocating from New York to Pittsburgh, are no small moves. Why the change?

Scott: There were several reasons. Partly, it was for personal reasons. I wanted to get out of New York City and have some family ties to Pittsburgh. Mostly it was for professional reasons, though. I’ve done a lot in my 20+ years on the publishing side of the industry, but when I looked at my immediate future at Time Inc., I didn’t feel I was going to be adequately challenged. Also, I was getting burned out with being so focused on getting that next page done and on its way.

A friend let me know that the director of research position was open at GATF. As I looked at the job description and thought about GATF as an organization, more and more it seemed like a really good fit for me. Even though GATF conducts studies and offers training workshops and conferences on digital equipment and workflows, I feel it could step up its efforts. With my experience in the digital side of printing, I hope to help rectify that situation by increasing the emphasis on some of the digital workflow issues and technologies coming at our industry. The existing staff is very knowledgeable about, and has years of experiencing dealing with, the ink-on-paper part of the process. They will continue to work hard in those areas, but hopefully we will be able to become a similarly strong resource in the digital arena.

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