Digital bytes 8-01

TOKYO—Following 17 years of research and development, Elcorsy announced it has sold the first production model of its ELCO 400 press, based on Elcography technology. This “electrocoagulation” process is said to turn liquid ink into gel with electric fields generated by small wires located across from the imaging cylinder. The press was installed by Toyo Ink, a technology partner of Elcorsy, and reportedly will be used to print instant newspapers at popular music shows and international sporting events, as well as personalized color schoolbooks. (

RESTON, VA—The Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS) has defined an open, variable-data exchange standard, called CGATS.20 Graphic technology—Variable printing data exchange using PPML and PDF (PPML/VDX). The standard is intended to make it easier for designers to create and proof variable-data jobs, and for commercial printers to produce them. PPML/VDX defines a standardized implementation of the Personalized Print Mark-up Language (PPML) specification using PDF-based workflows.

Interested parties are invited to participate in the task force development activity, review drafts and submit comments to the CGATS Secretariat at

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL—The four-page CTP market continues to heat up for Screen (USA), which has logged two new users of its PlateRite 4000 thermal platesetter. The printing services department at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) recently moved to CTP-based production to cut its costs and turnaround times, reports Dean Gray, director of materials management.

After eight months of research, H&H Corporate Printing in Winter Haven, FL, made the transition to computer-to-plate production overnight. “The day the PTR4000 went in we turned off our Screen DT-R1065 imagesetter,” says Steve Powers, co-owner. The shop also installed Screen’s Trueflow Internet-based workflow solution and Spekta hybrid screening process. (

BIRMINGHAM, UK—Xerox says it is demonstrating its commitment to the graphic arts market by securing an entire hall at next year’s IPEX 2002 exposition. “Future Print Now” will be the theme of its stand, which will emphasize the company’s new capabilities in print-on-demand and showcase its recent advances in the area of e-printing. This addition brings the total number of halls to 16, three more than were utilized for IPEX 98.

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