DGM Introduces Newly Designed Foildex ‘Plus’ Cold Foil Indexing Application System at GRAPH EXPO 14

RED BANK, NJ—August 21, 2014—Diversified Graphic Machinery (DGM), innovators of cold foil print enhancement technology for the global print packaging market will unveil its new compact designed Foildex “Plus” Cold Foil Indexing Application System and feature in-line Filmdex UV Cast and Cure technology in its Green Space booth 867 at GRAPH EXPO 14 in Chicago.

The North American debut of Foildex “Plus” Cold Foil Indexing Application System at GRAPH EXPO follows a highly successful and well-attended Cold Foil Innovations Summit held this summer at Diversified Graphic Machinery’s facility in Turin, Italy.

DGM’s new Foildex “Plus” Cold Foil Indexing Application System boasts more power and increased productivity than its predecessor, utilizing Siemens S-7 technology, more powerful 7.5kw servo drives, automatic locking shafts and new, compact and ergonomic operator design complete with digital segmented shafts for multiple narrow web operation and automatic/micro tension control.

“I am excited to announce that we will unveil our newly designed Foildex ‘Plus’ Cold Foil indexing technology this year at GRAPH EXPO,” said Michael DeBard, president, Diversified Graphic Machinery. “Foildex ‘Plus’ offers greater performance and will allow our customers to achieve higher speeds when indexing cold foil, with a new, more ergonomic compact design and the ability to index larger rolls of cold foil. Foildex ‘Plus’ is also offered as a combination unit that gives our clients the ability to run Cold Foil and UV Cast and Cure simultaneously,” said Michael DeBard, president, Diversified Graphic Machinery.

The exclusive Foildex technology from DGM is the industry’s preferred Cold Foil System due to its ability to index the foil in the running direction of the sheet, offering a savings as much as 85 percent of foil waste. DGM’s Filmdex UV Casting Technology, Cast and Cure allows companies to apply a holographic image to the sheet with multiple re-use of the UV Casting Film.

In addition to its full range of Foildex Cold Foil Indexing, UV Cast and Cure technology, at GRAPH EXPO, DGM will also present high speed hot foil stamping, embossing, diecutting and blanking machinery and the Die Co-Ordinator, a digital hot foil and embossing offline die lockup system.

About Diversified Graphic Machinery
Diversified Graphic Machinery is a global print enhancement equipment supplier, founded in 2000 with its corporate headquarters in Red Bank, NJ, and manufacturing facilities in Turin, Italy. DGM has three operating divisions comprising of its Manufacturing Division; focused on Foildex Cold Foil Indexing machinery, Filmdex UV Cast and Cure machinery, as well as combination systems; Partner Division; focused on hot stamping, embossing and diecutting equipment through joint ventures with Iijima (Koga, Japan), Saroglia (Turin, Italy) and Insight Graphics (Kilmun, Scotland) for their range of Die Co-Ordinator machines and its Consumables Division; focused on consumables used by print packaging companies. DGM also provides factory-certified parts and service for Iijima, Mabeg, Saroglia and Foildex Cold Foil machinery.

Source: DGM.

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