DFE–On PDF Beta Duty

Lake County Press, a $38 million sheetfed printer, pulled beta duty for Prinergy—a new Adobe PDF, PostScript Extreme digital workflow. The results?


The mission statement of Lake County Press, a three-decade-old, $38 million high-end commercial printer based in Waukegan, IL, says it all: Lake County Press (LCP) is committed to the pursuit of excellence and fairness, and will fulfill its customers’ graphic communication needs by being an innovative resource relying on the expertise of dedicated, highly skilled employees, utilizing the finest equipment and the latest technology.

The latest technology.

Most recently, LCP served as a beta site for Prinergy, the new workflow management solution from Creo and Heidelberg Prepress. During the second quarter of this year, LCP—which produces more than 8,900 print orders per year for high-profile, high-impact print applications, including upwards of 60 annual reports produced between February and April—jumped onto Prinergy.

Prinergy, a page-based workflow solution, is the first workflow management system to date that utilizes not only Adobe PDF, but also Adobe Extreme, a prepress architecture based on Adobe PostScript 3 that uses Adobe PDF and the Adobe Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF) to automate prepress processes.

LCP was intrigued. It was interested in employing a new prepress workflow that would enable LCP to better expedite its prepress process. LCP wanted to smooth out production schedules in its prepress department, as well as raise the volume of prepress work pumped out.

Before its 1998 move to thermal CTP, LCP had found success using an eight-up imagesetter. “Our eight-up imagesetter was a great piece of equipment,” explains LCP’s Kathy Funk, assistant prepress supervisor. “However, bottlenecks in the workflow did hit—being film-based we were using analog proofing, therefore, all jobs, whether they were at the proof or plate stage, had to have films run.”

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