DeWese–Super Bowls, Super Kudos, Super Vision

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, the game is on the tiny TV here in my office, Brett Favre has just thrown a touchdown pass to Antonio Freeman—and here I sit writing this column. Boy, am I a loser.

Seems like I should have been invited to at least one Super Bowl party. I think someone should have asked me over to see the game on a big-screen TV. Wow, Terrell Davis just ran one in to tie the score.

I think I’ll try to finish this column before the game ends. I’ll watch the game with my left eye and write with my right eye. John Elway just ran it in to make the score Denver 14, Green Bay 7.

Most Admired Companies
While I’m thinking up a topic, I’ll acknowledge some people. First, I hope you all saw that two printing companies made Fortune magazine’s “America’s Most-Admired Companies” list—Quad/Graphics and Valassis Communications, numbers eight and 14, respectively, on this magazine’s list of the Top 500 printing companies.

Fortune identified three traits shared by the companies who made the most-admired list: inspiring leadership, knockout facilities and a sense of purpose. Congratulations to Mr. Harry V. Quadracci at Quad/Graphics and Mr. David A. Brandon at Valassis for leading companies so highly admired by customers and employees.

Talk about your inspiring leadership. One of my proudest moments as an American was the 1980 Olympics when our hockey team beat the Soviets. I don’t even like hockey, but I watched every minute of that game and got a little weepy when our hard-nosed goalie, Jim Craig, led us to victory and skated around the rink with the American flag draped over his shoulders.

Well, guess what? That same Jim Craig has worked for the aforementioned Valassis Communications since 1984 as—yep, you got it—a print salesperson. And, according to Sports Illustrated, Jim manages accounts that purchase $33 million annually. Wouldn’t it figure that an American hero would go to work and excel for one of America’s most-admired companies?

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