DeWese–And the Winners Are . . .

This is the column where I announce the winners in the sales letter contest that I announced in my January column.

But first, ‘scuse me while I do my old man aerobics exercises. I’m trying to burn off some calories. I’ve put this fat old body on a 1,500 calorie-per-day diet and I’m going to keep losing weight until you all:

1. Raise your prices by 5 percent (see my February 2000 column);

2. Start listening more than you talk (see my March 2000 column);

3. And begin showing your Printing Pride by bragging about our industry to everyone who will listen to you (see my April 2000 column).

I have had hundreds of calls, letters and e-mails about those columns. One major company CEO based his senior manager meetings on the price increase column and, if he can do it, so can you!

I never dreamt I would be swamped with sample sales letters. Picking five winners was tough. And . . . here they are! (That’s a fanfare you’re hearing.)

These five have won $100 dinner certificates good at the restaurants of their choice. Bon appetit!

  • Jim and Jean Cheney, Cheney’s, Piedmont, MO;
  • Marge Kamke, Tru Line Lithographing, Sturtevant, WI;
  • Sean Heffernan, Hammer Press, Parsippany, NJ;
  • Michael Coughlin, Superior Letterpress, Cornucopia, NY; and
  • Mark Milbourn, Milbourn Pressworks, Eastlake, OH.

Let’s start with the Cheneys’ award-winning letter:

In case you have never heard of us (and even if you have), we are Jim and Jean Cheney, and we operate “Cheney’s: The place you send your friend . . .when it comes to printing.” We began business in St. Louis, back in 1957. Later, we decided to move our business out of St. Louis and, because Jean was from this part of the country, we looked around here. In 1971, we bought the old Maybury farm out in Peachtree, and spent the next few years moving things down here. We had accumulated a humongous amount of baggage over the years. Our business and home are in the same building.

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