Destination – Duplication

Digital duplicators and production printers are leading the industry down a new path. Find out what solutions are out there.


Touted by some vendors as the most cost-effective printing method available today, digital duplicating machines have come a long way since their predecessors: mimeograph machines and spirit duplicators. Digital duplicators and high-speed production printers give users a combination of the convenience and simplicity of a copier with the economics and versatility of an offset press. This versatility makes duplicators and production printers ideal products for both short-, medium- and high-volume printing applications, vendors say.

Looking back, digital duplicating equipment was not even available in the United States just 10 short years ago. About five years ago, you might recall the use of digital duplicators was spreading rapidly, but mainly in various niche markets. Today, it’s grown beyond those limited market uses and into acceptance in many industries and organizations.

Yearning to sustain this trend for the year 2000 and beyond, Duplo USA launched its DP-21L digital printing system aimed at supporting the rapidly expanding, on-demand needs of the printing industry. The DP-21L offers high resolution scanning/printing at 300×600 dpi and has a 1,300-sheet feeding/receiving capacity. It produces 120 copies per minute.

The Risograph line, offered through Riso Inc., is a high-speed, multi-functional digital printing system. It combines three basic technologies: scanning, precision imaging, and high-speed printing. The Risograph boasts the convenience of a copier, the economy of a duplicator and the durability of an offset press. Risography, defined as combining digital scanning with simple ink-on-paper printing, is economical, reliable, fast and extremely flexible. The Risograph meets a wide variety of printing needs and is typically used when distribution requirements are between 20 and 5,000 pieces. The Riso GR3770 is a 600 dpi digital duplicator that can print PostScript or PCL files direct from a Macintosh or PC at speeds of up to 130 ppm.

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