Despite the Economy, NAPL Finds Printers are Committed to Sustainability

More than 80% of participants indicated that they are either currently undertaking sustainability initiatives (71.1%) or plan to do so over the next year (9.8%), although the White Paper notes that survey responses make it clear that the concept of sustainability “encompasses a wide range of definitions and viewpoints—from a full array of extensive measures such as using wind-generated electricity or replacing delivery vehicles with more energy efficient models to basic recycling of paper and materials.”

Two-thirds of those surveyed indicated that the current business/financial climate was not causing them to change their environmental initiatives or position and another 17% said they were actually expanding sustainability initiatives. Only 2.4% said they were cutting back on initiatives and 10.8% that they were postponing sustainability plans. “Based on survey results,” concludes the report, “printing companies aren’t significantly altering their stance on environmental sustainability because of weak economic conditions.”

Each NAPL corporate member receives a free copy of Environmental Sustainability: Structural Change or Just a Fad?” as a benefit of membership. Non-members may purchase the 16-page report for $39.95 (affiliated NAPL Network companies: $29.95). To order, go to and enter code NP405 or call (800) 642-6275, Ext. 4.

About NAPL:
NAPL is a not-for-profit business management association representing companies in the $120+ billion commercial printing and graphic communications industry in North America. NAPL’s comprehensive slate of business-building solutions provides company leaders with the management tools they need to make informed business decisions in an ever-changing market environment. The association also handles administration of NAQP, the National Association of Quick Printers, which specializes in the unique concerns of small printers nationwide, and the industry’s Research and Engineering Council, which is dedicated to manufacturing technology and productivity improvement issues. For more information on NAPL or its affiliated associations visit or call (800) 642-6275.

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