Frederic Printing: The Value of Human Capital

Shown is one of Frederic Printing's two InfoPrint 5000 digital inkjet web presses. This one incorporates Ricoh’s newest dryer technology, which Frederic helped to beta test.

An operator and support staff work at one of Frederic’s two Xerox iGen4 digital presses.

Frederic Printing's Brett Birky (left), vice president, and Chris Greene, president.

Ask any printing company executive to talk about the strength of the firm, and he/she almost always prefaces the response with “sorry if this sounds cliche” and extols the virtues of an employee roster that is hard-working, intelligent, team-based and always willing to learn. Success, after all, is rarely achieved on the backs of those whose interest in their trade is generally waning.

Truth is, not all employee ranks are loyal and hard-working; hardly an aphorism, but perhaps the occasional reminder is necessary in order to fully appreciate those staffs that have dedicated themselves to constant improvement and innovation. A prime example of this can be found in the Denver suburb of Aurora, CO, where Frederic Printing—a Consolidated Graphics (CGX) company founded in 1878—continues to push forward backed by a workforce hell-bent on challenging itself and fortified by a parent company willing to provide the resources necessary to underscore the firm’s ultimate goal of providing the latest technologies that can deliver results for Frederic’s clientele.

“We’ve embraced the changes we have gone through and are doing something completely different today than what we were doing six months ago or a couple of years ago,” notes Chris Greene, Frederic president and a 10-year veteran of the company. “Luckily, we’ve been able to maintain traditional operations with the workforce we already have and we’re fortunate to have employees who are energized by changes and new technology. They realize there’s tremendous opportunities for them to learn new things and make sure they remain vital within the company, too.”

Digital, Offset Are Complementary

With nearly 200 employees operating in three Mile High City facilities, Frederic Printing is one of the biggest companies in the CGX chain. Obtained in 1994 from the fourth-generation family ownership, it is also one of the earliest acquisitions for the organization, which was founded by Joe Davis in 1985. A longtime commercial sheetfed offset shop, Frederic added digital printing eight years ago and today the offerings are complementary.

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