Winning Federal Government Print Jobs to Boost Business

CHAMBERSBURG, PA—March 13, 2012—Rarely a week passes by without news of print supplier layoffs, financial losses and plant closings. Look no farther than fourth quarter 2012 earnings reports, as illustrated by RR Donnelly & Sons Company’s loss of $326.7 million attributable to soft demand.

One way to overcome soft demand is to look beyond traditional commercial markets and develop new markets that are dependable. The best of these is the United States Government Printing Office (GPO)—the only federal agency authorized by Congress to manage printing for the executive, legislative and judicial branches. The GPO awards more than $300 million each year in work to private sector printers.

When managed strategically to win GPO work consistently, GPO is an excellent secondary market for printers of all sizes and capabilities.

To win GPO business, you first must be qualified by the GPO as a GPO print supplier. Then you have to become familiar with GPO’s competitive bidding process. You also must know GPO’s numerous rules and regulations for everything from how to bid on a job to how to package and deliver the final product to how to submit an invoice. Additionally, you need to make sure that you are seeing every GPO job that is put out for bid in the print categories for which you have been qualified. And most importantly, you must have access to historical GPO data that will give you a competitive advantage when competing against printers who are just as motivated as you to win GPO work.

This is a lot to absorb and manage, so what the most successful printers do is partner with a full-service GPO bid service firm. A full-service firm will assist the printer with GPO qualifying, paper work handling, specification interpretation, proposal preparation, bidding process management, assistance through the production process, change order negotiation, invoice preparation and collection, and cutting through the government red tape. The firm also will provide full representational services, accurate information, market intelligence, past price histories, and access to all available GPO jobs and programs. The most effective GPO printers have two things in common—(1) they use a full-service print management firm to ensure their success and (2) they maximize usage of production capacity to offer the GPO attractive low, yet profitable, pricing.

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