Atlanta-Based dDirect Adds MCS Digital Printers to Enhance Its Direct Mail Printing Capabilities

GAITHERSBURG, MD—September 2, 2014—MCS Inc. has announced that dDirect of Atlanta, has acquired one each of the KM 1250 (black-and-white) and KM 8000 (color) digital presses to add to its significant direct mail marketing capabilities. For those in the business, dDirect was formerly known as Datadirect until it changed its name in 2012 to reflect its successful growth in database development and analytics.

For 25 years dDirect has focused on data management and digital printing in direct mail. Today, it not only builds marketing databases for its clients for direct marketing, dDirect uses analytics to create the direct marketing campaigns and to provide the response analysis. Its list of clients reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of direct marketing.

Tom Coggin, president and founder of dDirect commented on his value proposition: “Clients come to us for a better solution for handling their data and direct mail campaigns. That solution starts with experienced account service, data management and production teams that work closely together. We’re the database developer, the campaign manager and the direct mail production provider with follow-up analytics,” he said proudly.

The company’s relationship with MCS began in the 1990’s. “MCS was the first company to say in the 1990’s ‘you can buy laser printers smaller than a big Xerox’ and still produce large jobs. We bought four Kinteks from them, which we called ‘the breadbox’, and networked them together to have the same 120 ppm capability as a large laser printer,” explained Coggin.

Following its purchase of a lettershop in the early 1990’s, dDirect went through three generations of solvent based Videojets. Coggin noted: “They had complicated software, long set-up and clean-up times, high maintenance cost, only 2″ of print and relatively low-print quality. Then, MCS brought out one of the first HP cartridge-based inkjets, the MCS Array 4600. The Array was easy to set-up and maintain with 4″ of high quality print. We still use the two we purchased in 2008!”

Since then, dDirect has had a long history of MCS product acquisitions. “In retrospect,” quips Coggin, “it does seem like we have always purchased at least two of everything MCS has to offer. I learned that in the laser printing service bureau business. We started with the Kinteks, then the MCS Array inkjet, and quickly added another. We added the Eagle UV inkjet in 2011, and added a second one within a year. At the same time, we added one of MCS’s KM black/white digital presses, and a second one late last year along with the C8000 color digital press,” he added.

The acquisition of the two MCS Eagle Inkjet Systems was an easy choice to make. “We already had the same software on the Arrays so it was a slam dunk for us. And from our experience with MCS, I knew they would always take care of us like they had over the past two decades,” Coggin recalled. The Eagle UV capability allowed dDirect to print at high speeds on coated cover and aqueous coated pieces, allowing the company to finally retire its last Videojet. It has also been able to run production jobs on synthetic paper with the Eagle UV inkjet, as well as plastic cards which match-affix to laser printed forms.

With the ability to run pieces sideways in portrait mode, dDirect is able get much higher production. Also, the operators find the MCS equipment easy to set-up and run.

dDirect has recently acquired two new products in the MCS KM series of digital printers. Coggin commented on the new additions: “The KM equipment MCS offers is reliable, with consistent quality and good uptime. We don’t call for service often, but when we do, they are there within two hours. That’s a game-changer for us. Both the B&W and four-color printers have consistent quality and we run a lot of postcards on cover stock on both types.”

When asked why Coggin does business with MCS in general, he replied: “They’re great! It starts at the top with Dave Loos. We have been a member of the AMSP (formerly the MFSA) for years now, and it has always been apparent to me that a lot of the smart people in MFSA chose MCS.”

Since 2008, dDirect has more than doubled in size.

About dDirect

The company specializes in providing direct marketing data and mailing solutions. It delivers actionable, data-driven, agile marketing solutions for B2C and B2B clients across diverse industries. By creating connections between Marketing, IT, C-level leadership, agencies and other partners, dDirect connects businesses with their customers.

About MCS

MCS is a leading provider of technology for the production print and mail market. MCS’ inkjet hardware, software and camera systems provide the integration cornerstone for high-speed hybrid inkjet printing. The new MCS Eagle FlexPrint inkjet platform combines the next generation modular 4.25″, 600 dpi print head technology with MCS’ proven job layout and print proofing software. The breakthrough hybrid FlexPrint ink adheres to demanding stocks and provides quality print at the highest speeds. MCS systems can be integrated on a wide range of existing transports and environments. MCS’ new production color digital presses offer print-quality and VDP workflow solutions designed for direct mailers.

Source: MCS.

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